We are a jewelry brand that treasures and protects the ecological riches of the Colombian territory. We celebrate everything that lives in freedom and in balance, fulfilling its natural cycle and its essence, therefore free from human intervention.


The inspiration behind each collection stems from the territory itself, its wonders and the curiosity of exploring it. Thus, each collection tells a story that, when joined with the others, becomes a new way of representing the treasures that surround us.



The sustainability of the brand is divided into three main axes which are knowledge, production and action. To learn more about them visit https://www.salvarea.com/sostenibilidad


We invite you to discover and recognize the beauty of Colombia through our jewelry. We seek to raise awareness about the value of the places behind each collection and the importance of conserving them. We want you to fall in love with what surrounds us so that you become as passionate about caring for them as we are.

All of our jewelry is produced in a slow-paced manner and by hand, allowing us to closely monitor processes, avoid overstocking, and reduce unnecessary waste. We are committed to using recycled silver and unconventional materials that do not have a significant environmental footprint.


As part of our purpose, we allocate a percentage of each sale to actively help the preservation of the ecosystems in which we inspire each collection. In this way, with each Salvárea Jewel that you acquire, you are contributing to the protection of the territory and the treasures found therein.




Behind Salvárea you can find us, Mariana Eichmann and Daniela Hernández de Alba, two designers and friends who share our love for jewelry and who dream of being able to contribute to the conservation of the planet through what we like to do. This is why we decided to merge our passion for jewelry with our concern for the environment to give back to the planet a little of everything it gives us.