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SALVAREA is born with the purpose of celebrating the wonders of nature to inspire you to take care of them. For this reason, we seek to be aware and responsible from each action we carry out to actively contribute to the conservation of the ecosystems in which we are inspired.

Our sustainability axes

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With each purchase of a SALVÁREA treasure you are contributing to:

- Reduce CO2 emissions from the jewelry industry by up to a third  


- Prevent more than 350kg of x-rays from being incorrectly discarded  


- Reuse 3500gr of Silver as second source raw material


 - Conserve different Colombian ecosystems such as: High Andean Forest, Moor, Tropical Humid Forest, Tropical Dry Forest and Snowy Summits


 - Support different organizations that conserve nature such as: Fundación Natura,

O2 Reserve, Pajareritos, Cumbres Blancas Colombia

 - Celebrate the treasures of Colombian nature so that more and more of us work to protect them.

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